Client – Tinsdills Solicitors


Tinsdills Solicitors has been practising for nearly 350 years. They have grown over the years through a combination of organic growth, merger and acquisition including names such as Tinsdill, Hollinshead & Moody in Tunstall, Sproston Slaney & Swann in Newcastle, Challinor & Shaw in Leek and N A Whieldon & Co in Sandbach. In 1991 it all came together under the name of THM Tinsdills and in 1999 became Tinsdills Solicitors.

Today they are one of the areas most experienced and knowledgeable law firms with offices in Hanley, Leek, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Sandbach. They offer a broad range of legal services for individuals and for business including: Family Law, Wills, Trust and Probate, Personal Injury and Compensation, Residential Property, Agriculture, Company Commercial and Employment Law.


Business IT Issues

Like most professional service companies, Tinsdills IT infrastructure has been operating an on-premise infrastructure, which was managed via the local IT support team. This had been put together over many years and had numerous software applications running that were starting to show their age. The ageing software stack had started to create issues for general business operations and didn’t give the ability to collaborate effectively.

As a forward thinking operation the Tinsdills team recognised that in order for their IT to move to the next level they either had to invest in a new on-premise infrastructure and update the software stack or look to adopt a cloud-based managed service model. The use of managed services within the professional services sector has increased greatly over the last 18 months, so it was felt that this model needed serious consideration.

Some IT business related issued faced by Tinsdills included:

  •     Increased server maintenance cost for the existing infrastructure
  •     Unsupported business productivity applications
  •     Disaster recovery solution needed to re-examined
  •     Difficulty in inter branch collaboration
  •     Significant cap-ex would need to be spent to bring the on-premise
  •     solution up to date

The business decided that it would go out to the market to fully understand the solutions available, cost implications and most importantly how new technology would affect working practices and client relationships.

C24 Solutions

After investigation and a number of presentations from industry specialists from on-premise providers to hosting specialists, Tinsdills decided to opt for a fully-managed service provided by application hosting specialist C24. The solution included a full HP Gen 8 hardware refresh, 3 PAR enterprise level storage, disaster recovery and updated productivity software delivered over an MPLS network.

C24 are conscious of managing risk for all clients, and to overcome any issues; which are usually around users and the general usability of the system, C24 provided a full sandbox solution for small number of users. This allowed them to get used to and understand how a managed service would operate in a ‘real world’ environment.

The sandbox environment provided the necessary proof that a managed service solution was the correct strategy for the delivery of Tinsdills IT moving forward.

The entire solution is delivered from the C24 Tier IV primary hosting centre with a full disaster recovery solution delivered from a second C24 tier IV data centre. The managed service included the delivery of all Tinsdills business applications which include, Microsoft Office Productivity Suite, Iris and Big Hand.

Prior to roll out C24 provide a full scoping document that highlights the activities and processes undertaken prior, during and after migration.

“The process before migration was very comprehensive and required a significant amount of time and effort by both Tinsdills and C24, which should not be under-estimated. Whilst this seemed to take longer than we anticipated, this work really paid off when we came to going live. C24 support staff were resident at our offices both before and during the migration process, identifying any potential problems and ensuring that when the day came to change over we were as ready as we could be” commented Jaki Cooke IT Manager Tinsdills.

Cooke further commented “Overall we are very pleased with the implementation of our hosted services with C24, the hard work and dedication we all put into the project looks to have been a sound investment. To make sure this perception was not just with the IT team, we decided to ask the partners how they felt and they gave C24 a glowing thumbs up.”


Tinsdills had a total refresh in terms of the physical hardware and now business productivity applications are delivered from a Tier IV data centre with disaster recovery situated in another Tier IV data centre based in another county. The on-site IT team also eliminated day-to-day IT headaches, freeing them and the firm to concentrate on more strategic issues.

Some IT business related issued faced by Tinsdills included:

  •     Reduced multi-site power consumption
  •     Private cloud functionality
  •     Fully managed back-up and recovery solution included
  •     Op-ex model giving fixed price IT for the lifetime of the contract
  •     Access to a pool of technical resource
  •     Enterprise level architecture
  •     Managed SPLA licencing model
  •     Business Agility allowing faster deployment for new business initiatives
  •     Business continuity in line with Lexcel, Code of Conduct Rule 5