C24 has extensive experience delivering technology solutions and services to the legal sector, working with clients and industry specific partners on a daily basis.

We have built a presence in the legal sector by offering hosting to a range of UK and international legal clients – however outside of hosting, we also offer a wide range of technology services that are specific to the legal sector.

We have built partnerships in the industry with sector-focused providers, namely in the Practice Management space.  This experience of configuring, implementing and delivering hosted Practice Management solutions to organisations means we understand how integral these applications are to the smooth running of any legal firm.

C24 positions itself as a central coordinator to a wide (and sometimes complex) range of legal technology services; enabling law firms to simplify their IT by working with a specialised provider who can pull together a holistic solution.


Practice Management Systems

C24 has particular experience in delivering hosted Practice Management Systems for legal firms and work with a number of providers.


Many legal firms have stringent requirements for where and how their data is stored and managed.  Our two UK tier IV aligned datacentres ensure that firms can be reassured that their sensitive data never leaves the UK, and that their IT is delivered from industry-leading facilities with secure access and delivery controls in place.

Although we primarily host Practice Management Systems for legal firms, many clients move different parts of their IT and application delivery to C24; to be hosted remotely for simpler management.  We can host across all enterprise applications and bespoke in-house software solutions – on private, dedicated or shared infrastructure to suit you.


Big Data

C24 recognise that making effective decisions within your business is dependent on the information you have available.  Our business intelligence solution, BI24, enables organisations to collate the disparate silos of data across their business to derive value and better visibility from the information.  BI24 captures your data in easy to digest reports or in visual and graphical diagrams – making information more relevant to business and IT users alike.

Our deployments within the legal sector have enabled firms to recoup losses from unbilled cases and to make judgements about revenue recovery from clients, to name just a few outcomes from the BI24 solution so far in the legal space.

The way legal firms attract clients is changing, and a presence on social media platforms is critical for organisations who want to stay connected to their wider client base.

Understanding what the public, prospects and clients are saying about you on social media platforms allows you to respond quickly and appropriate, depending on the nature of the results.  Having a good awareness of your social media sentiment on different social channels is crucial to effectively managing your brand and reputation.

Social Media sentiment monitoring is built into C24’s business intelligence solution, BI24 – adding another layer of insight to your organisation’s data.