Microsoft Exchange

One of the key components of any managed solution is email, and usually Microsoft Exchange.

As you would expect from a managed service provider we offer all types of email management, including shared, private and hybrid solutions. It is entirely up to you the client how you want you Microsoft Exchange platform managed, and we pride ourselves on having a true in-depth understanding of how it should be put together, managed and most importantly kept alive.

The solution comes with, Anti-virus, Anti-spam and we can also provide archiving with storage if required.

Maintain the latest defences against malware and spam with a service that handles hundreds of millions of messages around the world every day and is updated to address new malware and spam threats quickly.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities prevent users from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people, while informing them of internal compliance policies.

Safeguard your data: C24 operate two tier IV data-centres so can guarantee that all your information is stored within the UK for many companies this is a significant issue

Deliver reliability, availability, and performance with a guaranteed up-time, top level service level agreement.