Business critical ERP hosting solutions

ERP applications affect all parts of the business; therefore they must be deployed in a resilient, enterprise class environment with the correct levels of security, availability and resiliency. This can be complex for many IT departments to build and deploy in a short space of time, hence why it is always important to work with an experienced provider who can help to design, deploy and maintain the environment in an enterprise data centre that meets all the required resiliency and security needs.


ERP Partnerships

We partner closely with a number of key ERP vendors and can bring our expertise in the ERP space to new application deployments. Our key partners are:

• Microsoft Dynamics AX
• Columbus Global
• Beoley Mills Software
• JD Edwards

Most clients have numerous other applications that need to be taken into account when they are looking at a fully managed service. It is imperative that you not only work with an organisation that understands your ERP application but also has the experience of deploying many other business critical business applications simultaneously.

Typically, large ERP deployments are usually expensive projects so you can look to reduce some of the capital expenditure by selecting a hosting partner that has flexible and scalable hardware solutions that can lower the initial upfront investment requirements.

The hosting centre location is always an important consideration, for a number of reasons but most importantly for data location issues. Some clients do need to have a guarantee that their data will reside within the UK or the EU due to compliance or data regulations. The private cloud model puts security and the data location in the hands of the data owners. Real world enterprises, clients and legal bodies demand this level of control and access.


C24’s approach to ERP hosting

Working with an organisation like C24 offers you piece of mind around the implementation of mission critical ERP solutions. We understand the complexities involved and the critical nature of the initial deployment and the on-going application availability.

Hosting expertise is critical when looking at deploying from a private cloud environment. As a client you have to make sure that your provider not only has the hosting credentials, but also understands the importance of security, data protection, and sector expertise plus has the industry partnerships that can make the solution operate as smoothly as possible.