C24 has built our business on strong partnerships with key software specialists and vendors, who are industry leading in their niche.  Beoley Mill Software is one such partner who is an expert in delivering JD Edwards ERP solutions.

For many years, C24 have delivered hosted Microsoft enterprise and resource planning (ERP) solutions to clients however we felt that we should expand our expertise in deploying complex platforms to other ERP application vendors, for added range and capabilities.  After surveying the market for an industry leading ERP software vendor, we found Beoley Mill Software (BMS) who fitted the bill perfectly as they are recognised nationally for being experts in JD Edwards deployments.

Experience and expertise combined

Established in 1994, Beoley Mill has over 20 years’ experience in delivering JD Edwards products – with the ability to tailor off the shelf products to match clients’ exact needs.   BMS is also an Oracle Platinum Partner and consistently win awards for delivering JD Edwards solutions to clients.  Their position as a the largest provider of JDE experts in the UK meant that the joint JD Edwards in the Cloud proposition was very attractive to C24, who partner with just a handful of specialised ISVs, to create customised solutions through tight partnerships.

Many IT hosters avoid complex and costly ERP projects in favour of simpler, more standardised offerings – however C24’s specialty is tailored, enterprise solutions for clients who require their mission critical applications to be hosted in a secure datacentre, such as ERP systems.  Our ability to offer a single contract to clients for delivering their JD Edwards hosting makes solutions easier for customers to integrate into their environment and less complex than dealing with multiple, siloed providers.

Paul Hemming, Managing Director of C24 Ltd, commented, “Even just five years ago, customers would be reluctant to move their core ERP systems to the cloud, but once we show clients our datacentres and they see the strong partnership between Beoley Mill Software and C24, their perceptions of cloud shift.  Now, clients are coming to us for advice about how to move their legacy applications to a private cloud, as onsite infrastructure is simply not sustainable for every business.”

Trusted partner for BMS

C24 are now BMS’ recommended hosting provider for their JD Edwards hosted solution, which is becoming increasingly popular among new clients.  Historically, businesses would only ever consider a traditional onsite infrastructure to deliver core applications like ERP platforms, however many clients are now demanding the flexibility of the cloud within a secure environment.  These requirements are now driving companies to consume their ERP solutions within a private cloud solution, hosted by C24.

C24’s partnership with BMS has continued to grow, and we have recently delivered a solution to an industry-leading manufacturing company to move their onsite legacy ERP application to a new JD Edwards deployment, housed in a dedicated private cloud in C24’s secure data centre.