Our Partners

A significant amount of the work we undertake is through our channel partner network. In many cases C24 is seen as an extension of their business adding value and driving revenue at the same time.

C24 operates a partner model in the truest sense – the majority of our client engagement is through our partners and we work hard to build strong business relationships with a handful of Application Vendor partners.

This means that we engage on joint client presentations, sales meetings and calls, technical workshops and proof of concept projects.

And because we work closely at every stage of the customer lifecycle, it makes it simpler and easier for customers to engage with both the application vendor and C24, as we join the dots up.

We offer our partners:

  • Joint marketing
  • Sales resources and sales enablement collateral
  • Whitelabelling of solutions
  • Revenue-share models
  • Proof of concepts and demos
  • Guided customer tours of our datacentres

Our partners: