Create actionable intelligence

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Our clever business intelligence tool, Bi24, enables you to collate your data into actionable intelligence. Unlike many other business intelligence tools, we make it simple to find, centralise and understand your data.

Bi24 derives intuitive business insights from your existing information, by centralising your application data and spreadsheets into one central location. Our visualisation technology allows business users to interact with your organisation’s data to derive meaning and value from information in seconds, not hours.

And because Bi24 lets you offer different access rights depending on the user’s role, you can share access to particular reports and information to your clients, your business users and your IT teams alike.


Enabling business decisions through better visibility and information awareness

Have you ever wondered what your customers are saying about you on social media? How can you track what their comments mean within context? BI24’s social media monitoring and sentiment analysis capabilities give you an accurate view of your customers’ perception of your business.

  • Gain a holistic view of your business’ information – a single, centralised version of the truth across your entire organisation.
  • Access your personalised data on-the-go – keeping you and your teams informed when you are out and about
  • Easy and intuitive to integrate and adopt – for IT and business users alike
  • Visual and graphical representations – making it quick and easy to spot patterns and identify trends
  • Secure user access dependent on role and requirements – offer access out to your own customers alongside your internal teams
  • Understand what your customers really think of you – with intuitive social media sentiment analysis