Trust and confidence through ‘relationship IT’

Most hosting companies can deliver standard business applications; the commoditised nature means that they are relatively simple to deliver and managed in a hosted environment.  The difficulty for some providers arise when you have a complex portfolio of applications, from different vendors each with their own idiosyncrasies.

C24 understands the complexity of working in a coalition between hosters and software vendors and so we build our entire proposition around what we term ‘relationship IT’ which is underpinned by our distinct ‘never refer to SLA’ culture. This means we do what it takes to fix any issues and keep your IT operating.

We see that in many cases, it is C24 as the hosting provider that engages with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your application hosting solution.  We often field queries and support issues at the application level, based on our extensive experience with our key software partners.

This puts us in a unique position, offering long term technology partnering to our clients that makes deploying complex applications a simpler process.

Every customer situation is different, however we often engage initially by offering a Proof of Concept environment for you to test out your solution first to ensure it integrates with your existing IT environment.  This ensures that when your project goes live it is less likely to experience any issues as the application has been tested on our systems in conjunction with your IT teams.

We typically engage in the following ways:

  • Pre and post-sales support
  • Proactive project management
  • Hosted Architecture design and build
  • Partner liaison and Software Vendor relationship coordination
  • Guided tours of our tier 4 data centres
  • Proof of concept trials