Delivering simplicity through the controlled management of complexity.

C24 is a specialist in the delivery of business critical applications from private ‘cloud’ infrastructures, all managed from two of the UK’s most secure and private data centres. We pride ourselves on “delivering simplicity through the controlled management of complexity”.

We primarily focus on delivering hosting for specialist application providers in the Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP) space, but also specialise heavily in the legal, manufacturing and stadia sector through our wider hosting and business intelligence solutions.

We find that clients like to feel comfortable with their managed services provider, not just in terms of delivering on promises or their technical abilities, but in terms of the management team, financial stability, deep domain knowledge, continued investment in people and infrastructure, great business culture and stability with no swerve balls or hidden gotchas.

The above are the key elements of C24; a business that knows hosting and managed services.

Our continued investment in talent, technology and training with a constant eye on client satisfaction has seen the business grow in a controlled but a very significant way in the last 3 years through referrals from both our partners and clients alike.

The team

We are a team that is built to deliver on the IT needs of today’s businesses. The core management team at C24 has worked together for many years, in some instances decades, delivering business critical applications primarily for UK companies but also for many organisations with a global footprint. Our experience and knowledge are key drivers of our businesses success and our expertise in delivering bespoke application deployments is poured into every solution we install, monitor and manage.